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Hemp Ecotex - Hemp Plant

Welcome to Hemp Ecotex, where sustainable fashion meets style and conscience. We are a second-generation entrepreneurial venture, born out of a deep-rooted commitment to combat environmental pollution and contribute positively to the climate change crisis. Our journey began with a singular mission - to provide sustainable alternatives to conventional clothing, which has long been recognised as one of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation.

Hemp Ecotex is a proud spin-off of Swar Fabrics, our esteemed parent company that has been a prominent player in the textile manufacturing industry since 1995. Headquartered in Bhiwandi, an industrial hub near Mumbai, India's financial capital, Swar Fabrics has been renowned for producing premium shirting fabrics for retailers and garment manufacturers across the country.

Drawing from the invaluable experience and expertise of our parent company, we, the younger generation, took upon ourselves the responsibility of creating something truly transformative. Guided by our unwavering passion for sustainability and the preservation of our planet, we embarked on a journey to bring you the finest quality sustainable fabrics.

At Hemp Ecotex, we firmly believe that fashion doesn't have to come at the cost of our environment. Our textiles are thoughtfully crafted to ensure that they not only meet your expectations of style and comfort but also align with the principles of environmental consciousness. By choosing our products, you can enjoy clothing that not only looks good but also feels good, knowing that you're contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Our commitment goes beyond just producing eco-friendly fabrics; we strive to inspire a paradigm shift in the fashion industry. We want to encourage a conscious consumer mindset, where people recognize the impact of their choices and opt for ethical and sustainable alternatives.

Join us in this movement towards a brighter, cleaner, and more responsible future. Together, we can create a world where fashion and sustainability seamlessly coexist. Browse through our collections and experience the joy of wearing garments that reflect not only your style but also your values. Thank you for supporting us on this incredible journey of change and progress.

To provide alternate sustainable fabrics, ethically produced using Hemp with the highest quality and affordability at the same time. Provide sustainable alternatives to conventional clothing with natural and biodegradable materials, protecting the environment and fighting the climate change crisis.

Our Eco

Crafting Change, Upholding Integrity, Celebrating Milestones

Our Mission

At Hemp Ecotex, our mission is to revolutionize the textile market by promoting the use of hemp fibers, yarns, and fabrics in both domestic and international spaces. We firmly believe in the uniqueness and versatility of hemp textiles, and we strive to be efficient by meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations while building long-term synergies.

Our Vision

Looking ahead, we have ambitious goals & paths set for the future. Our vision is to develop our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure consistency & competitiveness in catering to the urgent needs of the fashion world. As fashion trends evolve rapidly & lead times shrink, we are determined to meet these challenges with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Core Values

Honesty, transparency, and respect are the guiding principles of all our actions. We take immense pride in ensuring customer satisfaction, and we find a sense of creation and achievement in everything we do. These core values are the pillars that support our commitment to creating value out of textiles.

Our Achievements

Since our establishment, Hemp Ecotex has been on a journey of growth and success. We cherish the sustainable relationships we have built and look forward to forging more in the future.

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